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International Twinshock Association
Trials By Trials Riders For Trials Riders


Hunter...First Trials!


Caulkboy Stylin


Caulkboy section 1



 Baker Award Winner2008

Hold on George!


Honda-Honda 2 Ready for action!


End of an era....We don't think So!


Greeves, Cotton, James.....History lives Here!


Tiger Cubs...Still a favorite!


Latest Majesty


The Guru's Famous James


The Trialsrooster on a Chicken


Hockeyboy and the log! 


2015 ITSA National Champ Series Results



2019 ITSA National Championship Series Schedule!


Round 1 - B&J's Ranch, Dickson, TN., November 4th, (2018)

Rounds 2 & 3 -  Charlie Nash's Ranch April 27th and 28th
Rounds 4 & 5 - Charlie Nash's Ranch May 18th and 19th

Round 6 &7- Chip Hart's Ranch June 22nd and 23rd

Rounds 8 & 9- Chad Praters Ranch July 27th and 28th (NEW LOCATION!!)

Round 10 & 11- B&J's Ranch September 7th and 8th
Round 11 &12 -  Trials Training Center September 21st and 22nd

Round 13 & 14 - Stu Davis's Ranch October 26th and 27th (NEW LOCATION!!)

Rounds 15 - 
B&J Ranch November 9th (Year End Banquet!!)

Round 1 2020 - 
B&J Ranch November 10th







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Forum Participation

As an ITSA member you are able to view and participate in the forums.

ITSA Points

ITSA members only are eligible for points towards ITSA TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIPS.


As an ITSA member you are eligible to recieve the coveted NUBBIE AWARD. "The Nubbie" will be awarded annually based on some observed unforgettable event during a trials endeavor. It is not neccesary for the occurence to be laden with misfortune or the loss of an appendage. It will, however, have to be unforgettable and worthy of mention many times over your favorite libation.

Member Photo Gallery

As an ITSA member, you may upload personal motorcycle photos to your very own photo gallery.

The Baker Award

The Baker Award is awarded annually to the member who has built and competed on the most unique machine.