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HomeSE Round 2 Palmyra
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ITSA S.E. Regional Round 2


Rain graced the crew at Vintage Acres on Saturday, March 29, 2008 as they checked the sections and marked the loop. The afternoon riding seminar saw 4 brave souls hone their riding skills on the slippery hillsides.


The layout crew took advantage of the fine weather to exercise the benefit afforded to them and went fishing in the pond. They "ooed" and "aahed" as they watched the Captain hook a "Big One", only to loose it as the battle abruptly came to a close !  Fish - one, Captain -  one  (floating bobber)  Does this mean  ITSA tie?!


As the fishing came to a close, Fearless Charlie cooked up a pile of Crappie he and a friend caught the week before, while a variety of other items hit the grills and pots. Food was shared and all were fat and sassy as they prepared to enjoy the campfire and amateur guitar playing.


Sunday morning arrives to the sound of rain and the sleepy "moans" and "groans" of the "happy campers" arising from the night's slumber.


The "Trials Rooster" cooked up a couple of good omelets with ham, peppers, onions, cheese - the works. Peewee and I helped him eat them.


Then the crew set off to handle a few last minute chores before sign up was opened. The sections looked good, slippery but good.


The sections offered a variety of terrain challenges. The hillside which surrounded the valley posed offcamber turns, climbs and logs. Several sections were set in the ditches that carried the falling water to the creek. Then there was the creek and what a section it was. We crossed it 5 times with each crossing having a different type of challenge. First came the log, second a mud climb then down over some roots into soft creek gravel, back over some roots, down into soft wet sand for a turn up another muddy bank, down into the water again, up a muddy undercut bank to the exit. This section really had most riders pacing up and down the creek. Turns out it looked a lot worse than it was. As most handled it nicely giving them a ride to be proud of.


Newcomers for Sunday parked at the top of the hill due to the fact that the field had become extremely wet and treacherous. Several of us campers were in the valley hopelessly stranded. Not to worry, RQ has a stable of healthy tractors and came to our rescue, pulling campers and then trucks out one by one.


In all a great time was had by all despite the rain. Thanks to RQ for his gratuitous hospitality and help!