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International Twinshock Association
Trials By Trials Riders For Trials Riders


Hunter...First Trials!


Caulkboy Stylin


Caulkboy section 1



 Baker Award Winner2008

Hold on George!


Honda-Honda 2 Ready for action!


End of an era....We don't think So!


Greeves, Cotton, James.....History lives Here!


Tiger Cubs...Still a favorite!


Latest Majesty


The Guru's Famous James


The Trialsrooster on a Chicken


Hockeyboy and the log! 


2015 ITSA National Champ Series Results

2018 ITSA Natonal Championship Series

Rounds 1 & 2- Sipapu, NM August 11th &12th

Rounds 3 & 4
- TTC Sequatchie, TN September 8th and 9th


Now for the regional schedules!

Southeast Regional Championship Series 2018

Round 1 - B&J's Ranch, Dickson, TN., November 5th, (2017)

Rounds 2 & 3 -  Chip Harts Ranch March 24th and 25th
Rounds 4 & 5 -  B&J Ranch May 5th and 6th

Round 6 &7- Trials Training Center September 8th and 9th  (ITSA National Championship Rounds)

Rounds 8  - Fearless Charlies Springville, TN October 13th 

Round 9 & 10- B&J's Ranch, Dickson, TN., November 3rd and 4th - B&J Racing cookout and bonfire
Round 11 -  Fearless Charlies Springville, TN. November 17th with the ITSA cookout and party to follow

Round 1 2019 - Fearless Charlies Springville, TN. November 18th





Mountain West Vintage Trials Assn. 2018 Series


Rounds 1 & 2 - San Ysidro, NM March 17th & 18th 
Rounds 3 & 4 - Cotopaxi, CO May 19th & 20th
Rounds 5 & 6 - Lakefork, NM June 23rd and 24th
Rounds 7 & 8 - Gunnison, CO July 28th & 29th
Rounds 9 & 10 - Sipapu, NM August 11th & 12th   (ITSA National Championship Rounds)
Rounds 11 & 12 - Casper, WY September 1st & 2nd

Rounds 13 & 14 - Haystack Mountain, NM October 20th & 21st





Home2006 Series Champs

2006 ITSA Series Champions


Modern Twin Shock - Expert

Dustin "Hockey Boy" Ginder, TN

B&J Modified Honda TLR200 with a Paint Job by Pap

(and what a paint job it is!)


Modern Twin Shock - Intermediate

Tony Glueck, MO

We haven't a clue what to call what he rode, a compilation of sorts


Modern Twin Shock - Novice

Cap't Dick "If you don't know trials, you don't know Dick" Septer, TN

Kawasak KT250


Historic - Expert

Bob "The Guru" Ginder, TN (duh)

B&J Modified Yamaha (The Cheater) TY250


Historic - Intermediate

Jessie "Pap" Wallace, TN

B&J Modified Wallace Honda TL185


Historic - Novice

Pee Wee "I did move up, so shut the f*&% up" Adcock, TN

Definitely a B&J Modified Suzuki RL250 from hell - it bites back


Pre-Historic - Expert

Michael "All you gotta do is dab!" Parsley, TN

Triumph Tiger Cub


Pre-Historic - Intermediate

Bruce "The Trialsrooster" Carman who chose his class wisely

BSA Super Bantam aka The Chicken


Pre-Historic - Novice

Mike King, TN (speaking of choosing your class and event wisely)

Greeves Pathfinder 175 Puch